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Roulette Betting: How To Play, Strategies And Tricks

Roulette is one of the most widespread and requested live casino malaysia games by users. It consists of a spinning wheel with 37 numbers and a table with a mat divided into different fields.

It is a very widespread game for both experienced players and newbies. In it, you can make different types of roulette bets until the dealer says, “no more bets.”

Then, he will throw the ball to the roulette wheel. You can place bets on a single number or several. The winning number is established when the ball comes to rest in one of the roulette boxes.

There are different types of modalities in which you can place your roulette bets:

  • French Roulette: Also known as European Roulette. It is made up of 37 numbers numbered from 0 to 36. It has a space distributed on both sides of the mat that contains numbers.
  • There are three dealers who help players place their roulette bets. When the number 0 is rolled, half of the single bets are returned to the bettors. In other modalities, the bank keeps all the chips.
  • American Roulette: It is a variant of classic roulette. It consists of 38 numbers ranging from 00 to 36. The numbers are arranged differently than French Roulette. The manager of the game is the sole dealer.
  • European Roulette: It has very similar rules to those of French roulette. The arrangement of the numbers is the same as in French roulette, and they go from 0 to 36.

It presents differences in the way of playing. The main one is that when 0 comes out, part of the roulette bets is not returned to the bettors. European roulette does not have the rule “in prison.”

What types of bets are there in roulette?

There are different types of roulette bets. Here we explain the different types of casino roulette bets. Bets can be placed until the dealer says “no more bets” and throws the ball into the roulette wheel.

Internal bets

These are casino roulette bets that are placed on a particular number. Or also to a group within the roulette betting mat. There are different types of internal bets:

  • Full bet: it is made on a single number and is one of the best paid of all bets. It has the lowest probability of winning.
  • Half bet or horse bet: two adjacent numbers are chosen on the mat to try to double your roulette bets.
  • Bet six: It is one of those that give the best chance of winning. In it, six adjacent numbers must be chosen in two contiguous rows of the mat.

Outside bets

It consists of roulette bets in which you try to predict the characteristics of the winning number. Many players prefer an external method.

Among the different types of external bets, there are those that are chosen by color and characteristics of the numbers. Color can be red or black. In the case of numbers, if they will be even or odd, high or low.

These types of bets offer higher odds of winning. But the amount of the prizes is lower than in internal bets.

Advertised or foreign bets

These types of roulette bets are specific to French roulette. They are made according to the order of the roulette numbers. These are bets placed outside the general configuration of the betting mat.

The most used are the game of zero, neighbors of zero, the trio of the cylinder, and orphans.

What are the odds of winning with each type of roulette bet?

Odds of winning, depending on the game chosen, may vary. But it will be the house that always has the greatest advantage over the player. European roulette bets have better odds for the player than American roulette.

Odds are higher for outside roulette bets, but payouts are lower. Inside bets provide higher payouts but with lower odds of winning.

Inside bets include bets on a single number or on small groups of numbers. It is a roulette betting and higher payouts with lower odds. Minimum roulette bets are placed on a specific number.

It has a lower probability but with higher payouts in roulette bets. That is why they are still the minimum roulette bets. In roulette bets and payments for the horse mode, you bet on two numbers, and the odds are higher.

The larger the group of numbers in inside bets, the greater the chances. Also less the amount of the prize.

For advertised bets, the roulette betting conditions vary. These are exclusive bets for European and French roulette. Advertised bets can be fixed and variable.

Fixed ones have a higher probability of winning than variables, where the player bets on the last digit.