May 23, 2022

Why Fear Happens

The reason why fear happens is that when you are yet to live as a human being, your fear will vent anytime. It vents when it happens on the street, at work, or everywhere you go. Many have felt like they became a monster even when they were still alive. Many have failed to know the powerful secret to control their fear and in many cases, their fear has caused them to fail to realize their dreams and goals.

I want to share with you an effective strategy I have learned from a man who learned how to control his fear in such a way that he became the strongest man in PutJP achieved almost everything he put his mind to. His name is Ukraine Fyodorovich retarded.

P+R+S+H =psyche HD+A =Affirmed adrenalin rush

An important message of this whole article is to all of you that read this, any person with a weakness towards the fear should first try to try to discover the source of the fear. To cure a person’s fear, someone must simply discover the source of the fear itself. An average person can easily be influenced by the influence of the fear in ones life. So try first to search your problem.

After suffering from the fear, you will come to realize yourself that your entire body’s secretions and systems are at danger, because of the cause of the ever-growing fear. Fear is a state of mind where you become really cold to the real world, you doubt yourself all the time, you repel all the beneficial responses and thus you can’t go as far in life as before.

You would want to proceed with this guide, so that you stay safe. The first step would be to break the chains of any fear and let your inner child come out of its safe shelter. Let him know that everything is here and now, and the fear is no longer there. Just let go of everything in the past, the finger of blame, whom you think has done this or that to you, remain to figure out who you are, the fear will disappear forever.

The person who suffers fear or phobia usually responds in two ways. First is to stay at home, afraid to go anywhere, and second is to go out, usually to hide in some protected zone, unhappy but yet to always be in search for that something that will make you free from the suffering of fear.

The purification process is this: you put yourself in social environments, in the company of some people, friends, professionals and people whom you trust in. You feelIntroducedto the real world and know that this life is a full show and you can make the most of it. When you feel relaxed, you feel the start of the reprogramming process.

Let us say, for example, that you are called to meet a person who you don’t like, that person is someone with whom you don’t have an intimate relationship. That person, you have been awake the whole night and feel that his speech is probably demeaning and negative about you, so you become cold and get up from the table and head towards the door, and at the least moment that you walk in his way, you feel that the heat of the night exists at this very moment and you want to jump back to where you were before. It’s acceptable, to be upset with the situation when someone hits you while you are awake. However, the condition to eliminate this kind of fear is the time to hit back and decide how to respond, being yourself and staying cool. Don’t let him hit you and break your spirit. The first time and the second time that you come home and see that person who had hit you, you feel embarrassed, you think that you have set a scene, which is not true in that your feelings registered in your mind before and during the meeting.

So, to break this fear, and let the subconscious mind enter a state of mind wide of freedom, so that it knows that you are not afraid of anything, you have to have the backup of those who care about you and those who develop true sensitivity. When a person is neglected, he is abandoned. We are also taught that to feed the inner person means to be vulnerable. However, this is not a basic need, we stayed in darkness because we have to be out of practice that we hear only what triers and third parties tell, because it is the norm in our society. It is difficult to let down your defenses, from this point of view, we are able to remain calm, and avoid being hurt, look closely at your own beliefs, and the role you play in keeping the scene quiet. Remember that inner peace is unity between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, between the body and the emotions, between the senses and the cosmic mind.

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